This is probably one of the most fun I’ve had cooking with friends in 2015…

But first let us take a selfie

Now that the time is wayyyyyy overdue, I’ll post share this with all you of guys through mostly photos. The captions will be my guide to explain to you what we did. We did find a recipe online for this cake. However, none of us remember what the recipe was and where it came from haha. The best bet is that it is a regular vanilla sponge cake. You can also use the recipe for vanilla cake that you can find online or in books. It tastes just as good 🙂

We originally wanted to make vanilla and red velvet for the 2 colors of the checker board cake, but we turned lazy and decided to mix in colors for the 2 cake, one will be originally light yellow and one will be red. The buttercream for this recipe will also be Swiss meringue with a touch of lavender at the end.

Now let’s start!

Now let’s start with the cakes


We started by measuring the flour for the 2 cakes
So this is how much it amounted to
Now beat the softened butter with granulated sugar
Yea do this until it’s all blended
Now we add eggs. WHOLE EGGS!!!!!!!!!!
Now let’s add a bit of homemade vanilla extract
Then we add in the flour
Now we split the batter in half and thoroughly mix in all the ingredients
Ah! Some cocoa powder to make it a red velvet – wannabe
Mix well and we’re done
Put both batters in 2 separate baking molds with same diameter
Rising in the oven at 350F / 175C
Oops it rose too much.
Let’s cool it first then!
Now let’s start with Swiss buttercream
Separate the egg whites and egg yolks. We want egg whites
Continuously whisk the egg whites and icing sugar over double boiler
Then we whisk it to create volume
We use butter again. Soft butter into the meringue little by little
Patiently watching the butter being added
Keep on whisking until it is this glossy
Cut off the top of both cakes to make it flat and even. Use different pan size to cut out the rings


Yes, assemble the rings in different colors
The first layer as crumb coat
Crumb coating done
Now is the real layer
Almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yayyyyy done!!!!!!


Look – at – this!!!!!!!!!
It is really yummy!!!! Thanks for reading guy

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