It’s been a while since I’ve done any workshops on food replication or recipe reading. It was partly due to the tightening schedule between work, business, and also other projects. We had been hosting numerous parties around Toronto during the past year, most of which were cosmetic and skincare related. Some were health and fitness related as well. Considering it all I couldn’t fit in any workshop or any decent time to make foods or conduct any workshop. I was introduced to a Manga series called Shokugeki no Soma by Arnold (Lantography) because he knew I loved food and cooking. They did have some interesting recipe concepts that got my attention.We even planned to remake all of those some time, but again, we were all too busy to get together. It was delayed until recently when we couldn’t delay it anymore (9 freaking months LOL). The reason why we decided to go for this project was because I was out of idea and time to create a new recipe, and trying to make a recipe out of a manga drawing sounds like a bad ass idea. I wanted to challenge myself as well and see how far my limited culinary skills can reach.

After carefully considering all the dishes in the mange so far, we picked (well I picked – Arnold didn’t know anything besides shooting perfect photos and eating LOL) stuffed chicken wing tempura. I had the chance to taste the same dish at Hanmoto in Toronto and I fell in love with it. With Japanese manga, however crazy the dish was drawn, it was somehow a real life dish. That goes to show how thorough a Japanese author studies the subject or theme of his/her work. My adaptation from the manga was a bit odd and unique, but we somehow made it work. The wings came out very crispy and juicy at the same time. The seasoning could have been better but considering first time trial it was a big success. I of course couldn’t do it all without the big help from the participants that day namely Shane and Victor. All the photos in this post comes from the generous help from Arnold (Lantography) and the big support from Anh’s party room rent (Hangry Foodies). She had been nothing but a great supporter since day one we met.

The recipe I’m about to share is a very rough sketch of the stuffed wings recipe. It is in fact far from complete. You can at least base on this recipe and develop your own and perfect it. I would always love to learn from you what your adaption becomes. If you could, please email me your photos at or tag me on your IG post (or hashtag #acornerkitchen) so I can share your works on my platforms.

Servings and Cooking time will be omitted from this post because it was an experimentation. I will instead show you the steps that I took in order to complete this recipe. When it is polished there will be a recipe for sure 🙂


First we debone the chicken wings. This is the most exhausting part since none of us had any experience of it. But it turned out well hehe.
Finely choppe the beef fat. We used the fatty layer from the outer side of the ribsteak
We took all the meat from the deboned wings and also finely chopped it.
Finely chopped dried shitake mushroom. These have beensoaked in hot watre to rehydrate.
Mix the 3 finely chopped ingredients together, with simple seasoning such as salt and pepper. We wanted to keep the flavour of the beef fat and the mushroom strong
Stuff back into the wings. This was so much fun because we had to be careful not to overstuff the wings to keep it as the original shape
Dust in semolina flour. Just my fancy thought. Then dip in light batter of self raising flour and cold water and egg. I used the self raising flour to make the batter and coat really light and crispy, like a tempura.
Deep fried at different temperature to test. We finally got it!!!!!
This is just dinner lol Not related to the recipe
Shameless plug of my baked vegetable

Overall, the seasoning could have been stronger, as it was quite bland. However a gravy sauce will go really well with this. Also, there will be room for creative flavours now that the base has been created. The beef fat did a wonderful job in adding flavours to the wings. If you happen to like this and want to do something together, just give me a shout. We will find a cool recipe to experiment together <3

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