Light milk pudding with mango sauce

It’s truly simple but it lights up your sunny Summer even more…
For this year’s resolution, I made myself a project, which is to post up at least one recipe every month. So far, it’s been good. I was able to keep up by trying many new recipes. However, it takes forever to find a recipe that’s sophisticated enough to write about, but also easy enough to share. Specifically this month of March, I haven’t come up with any good recipe to share.
Then it came to me that Summer is approaching, and why not sharing something that’s dead simple, but can satisfy so many cravings. That’s why I decided to share this recipe. It’s not a fancy recipe, it literally takes about 15 minutes to finish, but it tasted like heaven on earth. To be fair, I didn’t create this dessert out of nowhere. It was a replica from a dessert I tasted at a sushi restaurant many times before. It didn’t occur to me that I could make this at home instead until the last time I went to the restaurant in Feb 2013. To describe the texture of this milk pudding is somehow weird. It is very very light, but has a hint of a jelly texture in it. The mango sauce is the highlight of this dessert. It’s refreshing, and flavourful. I can confidently tell you that everyone I took to this restaurant loves it. After a filling All-you-can-eat sushi meal at the restaurant, I can still devour about 10 little dessert cups of this mango milk pudding.
Please don’t judge, it’s the aftermath of dessert for five 🙂
So, here it is, the simple but delightful dessert. The best thing about this is it involves little cooking, mostly just resembling, which is ideal when you don’t want to go any where near the hot stove on a sunny day.
Servings: 3
Preparation time: 15 minutes
–          A super-ripe mango
–          1 ½ cup milk ( 300ml)
–          2 leaves of gelatin
–          Sugar to taste
–          For the pudding, warm up the milk to steaming temperature. Do not let it boil or even simmer. Mix in 1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar to give the milk a lightly sweetened flavour.
–          Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water until they become soft and jelly-like. Then, dissolve in the warm milk.
–          Pour the milk in small dessert cups and let cool in the fridge until the gelatin sets.
–          For the mango sauce, take out the meat of a mango and blend well with ¼ cup water and a bit of sugar to taste. No cooking is needed.
To serve:
–          Once the milk is cooled and sets, put the mango sauce on top in each dessert cup and serve.
–          You will notice that unlike other puddings, this mixture has little gelatin, so it takes quite a while to set. Also, do not overheat the milk so that the gelatin works faster. To know when it’s set, shake the cup a bit, the milk will wobble only in the middle, but the part around the cup won’t move.

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